Rwamagara: Commercial motorcyclists urged to be agents of security

Published by Police
On 12 February 2017 saa 11:41
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Commercial motorcyclists in Rwamagana District have been called upon to be agents of security in their transport business and be vigilant against people who tend to use their services to commit crimes like smugglers and drug dealers.

Inspector of Police (IP) Marie Gorette Uwimana, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO), while meeting members of TAXI MOTO KIGABIRO over the weekend, reminded them that drug dealers are sometimes facilitated by drivers and motorcyclists, with or without their knowledge.

“Some of the drivers and motorcyclists have been arrested either for facilitating drug dealers or being the dealers themselves; but we also commend those who have played part in this fight by apprehending and reporting drug dealers,” IP Uwimana said.

IP Uwimana said that because of the nature of the businesses, they encounter criminals, who use the cover of darkness to engage in unlawful activities, and urged them to always be vigilant and report anyone they suspect to be transporting illegal luggage.

“If these wrongdoers are not reported, they will continue to cause insecurity, which each and everyone of you shouldn’t allow.”

She informed them that police will always be available to respond to any information on those suspected to be involved in malpractices.

She also appealed to them to respect traffic rules and regulations to avoid fatal accidents.

Motorcyclists are said to be among major causes of fatal accidents due to their recklessness on road, speeding, bad maneuvers and at times riding which under the influence of drugs or alcohol.