Rwanda bans chicken, eggs imports from Uganda

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 17 January 2017 saa 05:04
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The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) has taken measures of countering avian flu which has been reported in neighboring Uganda by restricting poultry products from Rwanda’s market.

The said avian flu has affected fowls in Uganda’s Entebbe and Masaka.

The epidemic has also been affecting European Countries including France, German and Denmark among others.

According to a statement released by MINAGRI, the intervention is meant to prevent the spread of the disease among Rwandan fowls.

“Placing order of chickens and related products (eggs and meat) from Uganda and European countries where the disease has been reported is suspended,” said the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Dr. Geraldine Mukeshimana in a statement.

MINAGRI has appealed to border managers and security organs to follow up the implementation of the policy and requested farmers to up efforts in protecting their bird livestock including avoiding mixing chickens and other domestic birds in the same house, maintaining adequate hygiene in breeding houses, among workers, materials and clothes.

It also asked farmers to make sure they have appropriate soaps for hygiene before entering their houses.

MINAGRI has called on people to alert Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) immediately in case they find dead domestic birds by calling 0738503589 or 0732022287.

The avian flu affects humans, animals and birds, according to the World Health Organization WHO).

The global health agency, in briefing notes on its website about the epidemic, noted that avian influenza or bird flu is an “infectious disease of birds caused by type A strains of the influenza virus”. It can transmit to human beings, causing severe respiratory infections.

Humans contract the disease through close contact with infected poultry or with objects contaminated by their faecal matter. Fishermen first observed the deaths of birds at Lutembe beaches in Entebbe on January 2, 2017 before new cases were reported in Masaka District.

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Rwanda has banned chicken, eggs imports from Uganda to prevent the spread of avian flu disease among Rwandan fowls.