Rwanda can overcome any kind of challenges -President Kagame to Rutsiro people

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On 28 July 2017 saa 10:16
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The RPF Inkotanyi candidate President Paul Kagame on Thursday assured people of Rutsiro District in the Western Province that through unity, Rwanda can overcome any kind of challenges.

Kagame made the comments while outlining some of the development plans he has for Rutsiro district during his campaign rally on Thursday.

While addressing a mammoth crowd in the Western Province, his first stop of the campaign on Day 14, Kagame said that “there is no battle we can’t win.”

"The battle we mean here is that which is intended to build the nation. With unity at the center of everything we do, there’s nothing that will fail us," he said.

"I have heard you outlined several achievements. We haven’t reached where we should. Better things are yet to come,”

The incumbent President went on to outline some of the plans he has for Rutsiro District that include exploiting mineral resources the area is endowed with and optimizing Lake Kivu.

Kagame further promised that his next mandate would as well ensure that his leadership sets up all necessary grounds to nurture better citizens of tomorrow.

Over 70% of the Rwandan population is youth, from age 14-35 years. Like many developing countries, Rwanda’s population as a whole is quite young.

On this issue, Kagame assured the thousands of jubilating youth that they deserve the quality education and all other services to help them grow into responsible future leaders.

"The youth are the pillar of a nation; we want to nurture our young people through building better schools that offer better quality of education and consequently, they will serve the nation better," he said.

Rutsiro was the fourth district in the Western Province to be visited by the RPF-Inkontanyi flag bearer after Ngororero, Nyabihu and Rubavu on Wednesday.