Rwanda chairs forestry body

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 30 November 2016 saa 04:18
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Rwanda has been assigned to chair Commission des Forêts d’Afrique Centrale-(COMIFAC) a body in charge protecting forests in Central Africa where members expect Rwanda’s good leadership to take the commission to the next level.

Rwanda replaces Burundi to a position she took over yesterday during the 9th general meeting held in Kigali that brought together member states of COMIFAC including ministers with duties related to forests management in Congo, Burundi, Gabon and Rwanda.

The coordinator of COMIFAC, Mbitikon Raymond warned against activities destroying forests.

“Forests would be completely devastated if no strategic policies are taken to preserve them,” he said.

Mbitikon urged on planned lumbering other than indiscriminate felling.

The Head of Forestry and Nature Conservation Department at the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority and coordinator of COMIFAC in Rwanda, Amini Mutaganda said Rwanda will apply its strategies of good governance to promote the commission.

“We will help the commission on recovery and enable it to solve administration problems apparent within the body,” he said.

“There will be improvements because Rwanda has strong leadership. We are helping to establish policies and procedures as we appoint other individuals to work as technicians,” he added.

Mutaganda explained that Rwanda is going to lead other countries in planning and will keep mobilizing heads of state members of COMIFAC to support the development.

Rwanda’s Minister of Natural Resources, Vincent Biruta said that Rwanda will keep on promoting reforestation policy to meet the target of covering of 30% of total land by 2018 to help in countering erosion and climate change effects among other benefits.

COMIFAC was established in 2005.

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Participants of COMIFAC pose for a group photo after holding discussions