Rwanda Diaspora vote

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On 3 August 2017 saa 11:52
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As elections campaigns come to a climax on Thursday, Rwandan diaspora began casting their votes in an effort to elect the president.

Diaspora in Asia were the first to cast their votes that kicked-off August 3rd, 2017, according to the National Electoral Commission.

Rwandans eligible to vote who are based overseas descended to different polling stations located at embassies and consulates to vote the next president who will lead the country for the next seven years.

Because of global time zone differences, Rwandan in Japan and China were the first to cast their votes while it was night in Kigali.

RPF-Inkontanyi candidate President Paul Kagame is in the race with Democratic Green Party Candidate Dr. Frank Habineza and independent candidate Phillippe Mpayimana.

Over 6.8 Rwandans will participate in the poll, 25 per cent of whom are first-time voters. Women constitute 54 per cent of the electorate, while 45 per cent are youth.

NEC mapped 2,323 polling stations across the country and diaspora ahead of the August 4 presidential polls, the Commission has said the election material and equipment is already moved to polling stations. In the Diaspora’s there over 93 polling stations.