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Rwanda for a female president?
Published on 26-08-2016 - at 08:24' by IGIHE

Only eleven months are remaining for Rwanda to hold presidential elections.

Presidential elections become a great moment for democratic countries where citizens are supposed to carefully choose a candidate who will serve for common interest and work for national development. Any choice made greatly impacts the entire population.

Many Rwandans eligible to vote have demonstrated their preferences of desired leader as more than 4 million citizens petitioned parliament last year requesting for amendment of the constitution to allow President Paul Kagame run for a third term.

Such choices don’t hinder interested individuals who are willing to stand for presidency.

Recently IGIHE talked to the president of PS Imberakuri political party, Mukabunane Christine who is one among five women leading political parties in Rwanda and likely to stand for presidency.

“Not only me, we have other women eligible to be presidential candidates,” she said.

Mukabunane said that she hopes to get support if PS Imberakuri nominates her a presidential candidate.

“The decision of nominating a presidential candidate will be taken by our political congress. The approved candidate will be declared and supported,” she said.

Responding to the question of whether she can lead 12 million Rwandans Mukabunani said; “Why not? As long as I have capacity of leading the country? Many people have the capacity of leading the country,” she said.

Mukabaramba Alvera was the sole woman candidate in 2003 and 2010 presidential elections under the auspices of Party of Progress and Concord (PPC) political party.

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The president of PS Imberakuri political party, Mukabunane Christine



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