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Rwanda justice not guided by France—President Kagame
Published on 10-10-2016 - at 08:35' by IGIHE

President Paul Kagame has talked to a French delegation intending to reopen a probe on the shooting down of an airplane that was carrying former Rwanda president Habyarimana Juvenal saying he has no problem with it but reminded them that Rwanda’s justice is not guided by France.

As he presided over the ceremony of launching the Judiciary Year 2016/2017, the president lauded judges for their efforts in building credibility and delivering justice.

Two French judges, Nathalie Poux and Jean-Marc Herbau recently resumed the investigation on the shooting of the airplane of Habyarimana in 1994. Commenting on it, president Kagame has said that he has no problem with it noting however that it implies a new message.

“We wanted to solve this problem, to have good relations. We have committed ourselves and called them ‘come and get the information you need’. We offered everything these people need,” he said.

“The investigation has been pending for two years, after missing what they wanted and supporting evidence but what I am reading in media is that we are starting from scratch. Do you know what I am talking about? We are going to start from scratch and I have no problem with it. But starting from zero means many things,” he added.

“First of all, starting from scratch means I have to remind some people that Rwanda’s justice is not based on interests of France,” said Kagame.

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President Paul Kagame


As long as Rwanda put on hold all indictments of French nationals who were involved in genocide the France government will feel emboldened to harass Rwanda. Why not break all relations with France once for all? Lithuania did it with Poland that was bullying it and this lasted for 28 years and at the end it was Poland that asked for re establishment of relations with Lithuania

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