Rwanda Military Hospital acquires the latest CT scan machine

Published by IGIHE
On 24 March 2017 saa 12:31
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Rwanda Military Hospital (RMH) has recently acquired the GE Optima CT660. 128 slice CT which is the latest trending model on the world market.

This optimum CT scanner system offers a quick and ultimate solution to medical problems. The GE 128slice is a scanner which helps to minimize radiation dose while delivering best diagnostic image quality, Helps to deliver highly diagnostic and personalized images in under 10seconds and allows the hospital to scan young and old clients, both large and small and still get the best results.

RMH is a referral hospital that provides health care services to both military and civilians. According to Ms Yvonne Keeza, Radiology specialist at RMH; this machine comes at a time it is needed to meet the current demand of the international level clinical diagnosis.

This CT scan comes also as the best diagnostic tool to RMH ’s world-renowned outreach services (known as Army week), which will allow its medical personnel to offer a comprehensive medical services to the population of Rwanda including the low-income patients who cannot otherwise afford those diagnostic procedures available in the current market.

RMH CT scanning procedure costs (tariff) were set by the Ministry of Health and become the lowest cost available in the country for a trending model.