Rwanda, Netherlands share experiences on justice delivery

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 28 September 2016 saa 09:11
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The permanent secretary in the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs in Netherlands, Siebe Riedstra, has said that agreements between Rwanda and Netherlands to support the former’s judicial sector are promising fruitful results as both countries are committed to learning from one another in best practices.

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The permanent secretary in the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs in Netherlands, Siebe Riedstra

He has noted this today in the annual consultative meeting held in Kigali in which both countries’ representatives from judicial sectors and related agencies are seeking ways of promoting cooperation in strengthening justice.

“Our delegation has come to share ideas with Rwanda. We also want to learn from best practices of realized achievements in judiciary sector including e-Justice, handling light offenses and conflicts through community mediators (Abunzi) among others. We shall continue to support such acts,” said Siebe Riedstra representing the delegation of Netherlands’ judicial sector.

The meeting is part of agreements signed on 28th September, 2014 by the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs in Netherlands and the Rwanda’s Ministry of Justice aimed at promoting justice and highlighting principles of a country respecting laws.

These agreements grant both stakeholders to meet every year to discuss matters affecting justice in the two countries and seeking their solutions as well through learning from best practices in each country.

Netherlands allocates Euro 5 million to support Rwanda’s judicial sector.

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The Rwanda’s Minister of Justice, Busingye Johnston

The Rwanda’s Minister of Justice, Busingye Johnston says that Rwanda has earned a lot since they signed cooperation agreements to support judicial sectors with Netherlands two years ago.These include advisory g services, evaluating attained achievements and discussing obstacles of judiciary sector in both countries.

“We have gained a lot from the cooperation. So far, we have established a capacity building institute for judicial sector employees, we have renovated court buildings, trained employees in judiciary sector and prosecutors. In this meeting, delegates will concentrate on discussions aimed at delivering justice for all,” he said.

The meeting is being held for the second time and was first was held in Netherlands last year.