Rwanda presidential aspirant stuck in Canada

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On 30 March 2017 saa 12:22
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Mbanda Jean Daniel who once served as a member of parliament from 1994 until 1999 and currently living in Canada but had promised to come back to Kigali International Airport around 19:00 hours yesterday so that he prepares ground for campaigns as a presidential candidate for the August 2017 elections, has not been spotted anywhere in Rwanda.

Commenting on his failed homecoming, Mbanda, 65, said; “I took the plane from Ottawa-Toronto yet I had to take another from Toronto to Amsterdam after two hours where I had to take a flight to Rwanda,” he has posted of Facebook.

“I had to meet some people in Toronto within two hours. They came late yet I couldn’t continue the journey without meeting them. I decided to stay taking the flight to Amsterdam and postponed the travel. I neither blame KLM nor Kigali. I am the cause of failure of planned journey,” he added.

He unveiled that he is getting another ticket to come to Rwanda.

The PSD political party member was a football player, coached Kiyovu Sports in the 1980s and emerged among contestants of the presidency of FERWAFA in 2014 as a candidate from Unity FC. He was beaten by Nzamwita Vincent De Gaulle during elections with 19 votes over 1 vote.

Mbanda left for Canada when PSD members developed disagreements where he has been living up to date.

He was later heard in media in 2015 wondering why Col. Theoneste Bagosora is jailed while International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) acquitted him of the crime of preparing genocide, considering it as oppression.

Mbanda was also mired in tender scandals, accused of procuring damaged cars for members of parliament along with a businessman Kajeguhakwa.