Rwanda Ranks Poorly on Budget Access—Survey

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On 19 February 2013 saa 04:03
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A survey on budget access has revealed that Rwandans have less access to information on National budget and financial activities.

Rwanda scored only 8% according to the Open Budget Survey 2012.

In East Africa, Uganda scored 65% of ease of access to budget information.

This also placed Uganda at first position in East Africa and 18th globally in respect of easy public access to information about the National Budget and financial activities.

Kenya ranks at the second position with 49% and Tanzania follows with 47%.

Globally, Uganda is ranked 18th out of the 100 countries surveyed, with a score much higher than the average of 43%, indicating that the Government was found to be more vigilant in ensuring that its citizens adequately get access to significant budget information that helps in holding government accountable.

South Africa, the best in Africa, scored 90% globally.

The survey was conducted by the Uganda Debt Network (UDN) in collaboration with the International Budget Partnership (IBP), a US-based independent think tank.

The survey evaluates central governments’ openness to public access to budget information, as well as public participation in the budget process.

It also examines the ability of legislators and auditors to hold their governments accountable in respect of the budget.