Rwandans Ready to Mark Heroes Day

Published by IGIHE
On 27 January 2013 saa 06:00
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National Day of heroism in Rwanda is commemorated every year on February 1st. On this occasion, Rwandans are invited to remember the national heroes and actions they have taken in their lives.

For this year 2013, the main theme is “Heroism is a foundation of Dignity and Development”.

Speaking to IGIHE Karegeesa Kamali, General Secretary of the National Commission in charge of Memory of Heroes said that Heroism is the value that occurs in the everyday life.

He added that Heroes are marked by the quality of the hero and the actions he has taken in his life, while at the second dimension is the bravery of the heroes in connection with the desire to be brave and fight for his ideal of radical change in the society.

According to Kamali, the Rwandan citizen should have values because the later are the prerequisite for the sustainable development of Rwanda.

Kamali Karegyesa defines the Rwandan hero with fundamental principles of determination to sacrifice his or her goals and ideals, wisdom and altruism, all aimed at creating favorable conditions for radical changes in society.

For Secretary-General, the qualities of a hero are determined to support any good action and fight against the thoroughly negative activities knowing full well the consequences of his life.

A should also be driven by an unwavering patriotism and fighting for the integrity of its territory for the development of the nation, the pride of his country and the unity of its citizens.

At the next level, he said, is the fact that the hero is armed with a spirit of sacrifice and selflessness.

"He/she puts the public interest above personal interests at the risk of his life left. He/she is driven by a vision of the universe and holds a deep truth that goes beyond the understanding of ordinary people, "he said.