Rwanda ready to partner with others to curb migrants problem-Kagame

On 17 January 2018 at 10:42

President Paul Kagame has said that the desperate situation of African migrants in Libya was deeply disturbing, but as countries continue to act on the matter, Rwanda is ready to partner with African Union, concerned governments and organisations to address and prevent such situation from recurring.

Kagame was speaking yesterday while hosting Envoys to the annual Diplomats’ Luncheon in Kigali.

The Luncheon was preceded with receiving credentials of ten envoys that were accredited to represent their countries in Rwanda, in the ceremony that took place in Village Urugwiro.

Kagame extended special welcome to new envoys. “We are happy for each and every one of you, representing your countries and organisations in Rwanda. I would like to extend a special welcome, to the new envoys who presented their credentials today,” Kagame said.

“I wish you every success in your work, and an enjoyable stay in your temporary home. We are pleased that the diplomatic community in Kigali continues to grow, with the establishment of new embassies,” he added.

The Head of State said last year was a good one for Rwanda. While there is still a long journey ahead, he said, Rwanda made progress in many areas, and continue to learn from the experiences, and from others.

“Looking ahead, we will continue to drive inclusive economic growth and strengthen our institutions, for the benefit of our citizens.The productive relations we enjoy with our neighbours and partners will, as always, be an important contributing factor,” he said.

He said Rwanda can be counted on, to continue playing part in global environmental protection, international peace, security and the fight for gender equality.

However, he said the past year was not without reminders, of the serious challenges that must be confronted together.

“The desperate situation of African migrants in Libya was deeply disturbing. Rwanda remains prepared to provide sanctuary for those migrants who wish to come here or through here. We will work with the African Union, and other concerned governments and organisations, to address this situation, and prevent it from recurring,” Kagame assured.

Africa Integration

As the incoming chair of the African Union, Kagame said, Rwanda will be even more focused on African integration, than ever.

“We look forward to working closely with our brothers and sisters around the continent, to make progress, toward the priorities we have set for ourselves,” he said.

Kagame said Africans have always wanted to come together, visit each other without complications, invest and do business, and partner confidently with the rest of the world.

“I would like to inform you that the institutional and financial reform of the African Union is on track. The changes being implemented are critical for Africa’s future.One of the outcomes of the reform will be stronger, more productive partnerships between Africa and other continents,” Kagame revealed.

Kagame said Rwanda has opened borders to visitors from every nation in the world, who are eligible for visas on arrival, “We look forward to welcoming many new visitors, and to making new friends,”