Rwandan Refugees From Zambia Visit Home

Published by Jean d’Amour Nsabimana
On 23 February 2012 saa 01:47
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More Rwandan refugees have continued to visit their mother country, Rwanda to obtain the truth about the progress made and thus help them decide on returning to settle in Rwanda.

The Visits are arranged under a program entitled “Come and See, Go and Tell”. The program is managed by the Ministry in charge of Disaster Management and Refugees.

After 18 years, Gerardine Mukakabego, a lecturer in Zambia has met his relatives including her mother resident in Huye district in the southern province.

Mukakabego is a lecturer at two universities in Zambia namely national University of Zambia and Gavendish University.

She arrived with fabrice Habinshuti and Marie Christine Ineza all from Zambia.

Habinshuti, 20 said that he is happy to come back to Rwanda because it had been difficult for him to come. “I am happy to visit Rwanda after 10 years; it was hard for me to get a visa and I don’t know why I am a refugee.”

He added that he faces many obstacles as a football player. “I cannot obtain a passport as a Zambian citizen. This prevents me from attending specific games.”

Placide Bernard Ndayambaje in charge of helping refugees’ repatriation said that the program helps them to know the current status of Rwanda.

He added that it also help refugees know the exact truth of Rwanda contrary to some people who blackmail Rwanda.

He said, “those who don’t refugees to come are those who are Genocide suspects who fear to remain alone abroad once other refugees are repatriated.”

The government of Rwanda has decided to send possible documents wishing to come to visit Rwanda and it also provide the ticket for those who are completely returning from exile to reach their homes.

This triple visited different places including Huye town, the National University of Rwanda and a family of one of them residing at Sovu in Huye sector.

They fully appreciated the achievements of Rwanda as some of them like Mukakabego went in exile during 1994 Tutsi Genocide.