Rwanda security rescues 12 Burundians from trafficking

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On 23 January 2017 saa 05:29
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Rwanda National police has paraded 12 Burundians at Rwanda-Burundi border of Akanyaru on the way to being trafficked to Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar.

They were rescued on 10th January 2017 as a Burundian man was about to hand them over to Kenyans that had intended to take them through Uganda to Asia.

The 12 people include 11 women and one man who were promised jobs in various Asian countries.

A 22-year old girl, one of victims, has said that she negotiated for a maid job was via telephone phone but didn’t know it would turn into human trafficking.

One of the arrested suspected traffickers who tricked the victims from Burundi to hand them to Kenyans denied involvement claiming he was going to visit his brother in Uganda.

He explained that he was arrested as he talked to the Kenyans they had once met in Burundi.

“ I was coming from Burundi heading for Uganda to visit my little brother. As I waited for my travel documents to be stamped at Akanyaru, I was told that I am trafficking women abroad. I denied. They asked me how I know a the Kenyan suspect and told them. I saw him three months earlier in Bujumbura at a bus stop. I am innocent,” he said.

The deputy police spokeswoman, CSP Lynder Nkuranga has told the media that the rescue emanated from suspicion by security personnel after seeing a long queue of people crossing at the same time.

“The 12 were rescued on the way of being trafficked at Rwanda, Burundi border at Akanyaru. One Burundian took them to the border as two Kenyans (a man and woman) waited for them at the Rwanda side. Based on the way they crossed in group, , security personnel with immigration and emigration officers became suspicious. They sought information, arrested them and realized that the Kenyans were waiting for them. They were arrested too,” she said.

CSP Nkuranga requested cooperation of citizens in fighting against human trafficking through timely reporting of crimes and encouraging parents to follow up their children plans.

Police has said that in collaboration with Interpol, the victims will be sent back to their country while suspects will face justice.

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The deputy police spokeswoman, CSP Lynder Nkuranga

Written by Munyegabe Sabin