Rwanda seeks clarification over Rwandans illegal detention in Uganda

On 21 December 2017 at 11:18

Ambassador of Rwanda in Uganda, Maj. Gen. Frank Mugambage has said Rwanda is seeking explanations from Ugandan government over illegal detention of Rwandans.

Mugambage said that they asked for the explanations about the armed group operating in Uganda with ambition to oust the government of Rwanda.

The call for clarifications followed different abduction acts against Rwandans doing businesses in Uganda.

Among them include, René Rutagungira who was kidnapped in Kampala in August.

A fortnight ago, another Rwandan Fidèle Gatsinzi was reported arrested by people clad in military fatigues suspected to be working for Chieftaincy Military Intelligence (CMI) and Rwanda knows nothing of his whereabouts until now.

Speaking to IGIHE this week, Amb. Mugambage confirmed the crisis in diplomatic relations between both countries adding that they are seeking the solution. He said that Rwanda has started acting on the problem.

“Our desire in Rwandan politics is for tighten relations with other countries, be our neighbors, the region and Africa. Rwanda does all the best to tie good relations. Sure, crisis is there resulting from arrests and other activities against the development of our country but we are working on it,” he explained.

In September, different media houses from the region wrote that three Rwandans identified as James Bayingana, Lando Ali Nsekanabo, Vianney Byaruhanga Nduwamungu were arrested by CMI from Bukasa region and were held incommunicado at Mbuya prison during the period of three months.

Mugambage said, following different acts of provocation, the government of Rwanda has written to the Government of Uganda asking them clarification about arrests of Rwandans and the armed group operating from there.

“We always look for good relations but people continue to hamper its development. We have to ask them the reason behind as there is no clear reason we know till now. We want this problem to be clarified. We have written asking clarifications, we are waiting to hear from them,” he said.

Rwandans working from Uganda continue to raise anxiety about their security over the rising relations crisis between both countries.

Ambassador of Rwanda in Uganda, Maj. Gen. Frank Mugambage