Rwanda to accentuate anti-hunger, extreme poverty policies-PM Murekezi

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 25 March 2016 saa 08:37
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The Rwanda Prime Minister, Anastase Murekezi, has revealed that the country has embarked on strategies of eradicating hunger, malnutrition and stunted growth all of which will have been substantially reduced by 2020.

Murekezi revealed this yesterday during a high powered delegates conference Compact 2025 program aimed at eradicating hunger and malnutrition. Participants came together to share knowledge on how to move fast the implementation of Compact 2025.

A 2015 survey on livelihoods and population growth in Rwanda established that 38% of children under five years have the problem of stunted growth, 19% of citizens face food insecurity while 2% have emaciated bodies due to malnutrition.

The Prime Minister said that the government of Rwanda has initiated various programs in line with eradicating hunger and associated problems including; EDPRS I and II, Vision 2020, VUP, Girinka program which has distributed over 250,000 cows among others.

He demonstrated that such programs comply with Compact 2025 aimed at eradicating hunger.

The Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Dr Mukeshimana Geraldine, explained policies aimed at increasing yields and addressing post-harvest losses, acceptable domestic dietary regimes and sanitation and hygiene among others.

The director of International Food Policy Research Institute, Shenggen Fan said that Rwanda has better programs of addressing hunger but urged Rwanda to concentrate on growing foods rich in vitamins like maize, rice, beans and vegetables.

He said that hunger persists in some parts of the World because people fail to implement food related policies.

Compact 2025 program is expected to help countries including Rwanda, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Malawi to eradicate hunger.

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The Rwanda Prime Minister, Anastase Murekezi