Rwandan community in Malaysia commemorate

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On 4 May 2017 saa 01:15
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On 22 April 2017, the Rwandan Community in Malaysia observed the 23rd Commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi in ceremony held in Kuala-Lumpur.

The First Counsellor at Rwanda Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, represented the Embassy he highlighted the importance of coming together to honour the memory of more than 1 million innocent people who were atrociously murdered during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

He reminded participants that denial, revisionism and trivialization of the genocide against the Tutsi have been openly going on in the Media, in academic works and in conferences which should all be fought. He emphasized the need for all Rwandans to actively challenge Genocide deniers and those who continue to propagate genocide ideology.

He stated that Rwandan society was able to heal and the country to register a remarkable progress due to the visionary leadership of H.E. President Paul Kagame.

He urged the youthful Rwanda community in Malaysia to know their history in order to fully understand and commit to a society free of discrimination, divisionism and genocide ideology that almost destroyed Rwanda, but instead work together to build a united, democratic and prosperous Rwanda.

The representative of Rwandan Community in Malaysia, Mr. Patrick Rwema emphasized the need to honour victims of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi by working hard and being successful in all constructive endeavors.