Rwandan Diaspora encouraged to invest in Northern Province

On 8 January 2018 at 12:57

Rwandans in Diaspora have been called on to use tourism opportunities available in the Northern Province and invest in infrastructure developments that will help with better services to tourists in the region.

The Northern Province Governor, Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi made the call over the weekend as the Diaspora members and the province’s officials celebrated the New Year.

The event attracted about 50 people from Europe, Americas and Africa who have been in the country for festive holidays and others who participated in the just concluded national dialogue council (Umushyikirano).

Gatabazi presented potential opportunities to participants and urged them to invest in infrastructure.

“This province receives many tourists. I urge you to invest your money in constructing hotels, restaurants and entertainment pitches so that tourists can have all facilities close to them,” he said.

Rwandan Diaspora Coordinator, Daniel Murenzi hailed the idea and pledged their contribution in building the country.

“Being sensitised on investing locally is another advantage. It simply implies how we are valued in our country; our contribution in the country’s development is our responsibility, we promise our partnership and full commitment,” he said.

Dieudonné Ntasinzira, a Rwandan living in Belgium said that they have a big task to promote the country’s image in Diaspora communities.

“As Rwandans living abroad, we have a task of promoting our country. For us in Belgium, we have organised a five-day exhibition that will showcase Made in Rwanda products and will take place in Brussels. The exhibition will help show Rwandans and foreigners where to start from when they want to invest in the country,” he explained.

Rwandan community in Diaspora contribute in different socio-economic development activities like paying health insurance for poor families and providing them with the foundational support for development.