Rwandan opens Aisance Enterprise in Turkey to facilitate importers

On 12 December 2017 at 01:00

No more travelling miles to shop in Turkey, incurring heavy flight costs. The costs have been cut short and business made easier with the opening of Aisance Enterprise in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city and the country’s business hub.

Founded by Rwandan entrepreneur Abdul Ishimwe, Aisance Enterprise started in 2016 offering consultation services to businessmen and women going to Turkey from all over the word but later expanded business to trade construction materials, pharmaceutical products, hospital materials and more.

Ishimwe, 21, moved to Turkey in January 2016 to pursue his university course in civil Aviation Management at Istanbul Aydin University and the environment over there inspired him to start an exporting company. Ishimwe has partners among Turkish giant companies but Aisance Enterprises has representatives in different countries including Rwanda.

Speaking to IGIHE, Ishimwe said the company has so far made most of its deliveries to Middle-East countries, Oman, Nigeria, Kuwait and Qatar.

Aisance Enterprise has so far made several deliveries to Burundi and Rwanda including hardware materials to a prominent importer, Kavukire Hardware in Kiigali.

“Our major target is to help clients who come to us, easing the way of buying and transporting goods from Istanbul to their countries. We are here to do everything for our customers and deliver products to their destinations. They can place an order via email or short messages and our employees are 24/7 available to offer any guidance and help,” said Ishimwe.

Some of the products that Aisance Enterprise trades are prefabricated construction materials in steel and wood, tiles, iron bars, electric bars, green houses, poultry systems, baking systems, tractors, Ultrasound, X-ray machines, MRI machines and more.

In partnership with one of the best hospitals in Turkey, Guven Hospital, the company also provides hospital tourism services to ensure that customers’ health is in good hands while in Turkey.

“On those prefabricated construction, we do sell the materials and send our civil engineers to do the construction. About hospital tourism, we do help our clients by giving them invitation papers, helping them to reach the hospital and we keep in touch until they have recovered well,” Ishimwe added.

With Aisance Enterprise, the delivery period takes two to three days on air shipments and a maximum of one month on sea shipments.

Ishimwe said the company aims to sell Rwandan products to the world in the near future as they add more products on list.

For more information, please visit or send email to [email protected]

You can also phone us on +905 398 319 452 or +250 787 354 977

Aisance Enterprise, in collaboration with Guven Hospital, offers Hospital Tourism services to Turkey visitors
Aisance Enterprise trades a range of machinery such as this Bakery Machine
Greenhouse System that is available with Aisance Enterprise based in Istanbul, Turkey. Rwandans can now order this greenhouse and get it delivered to them in Rwanda
A poultry System traded under Aisance Enterprise that delivers products to different destinations in the world
Prefabrica house (Final Stage)
Prefabrica House (Early Stage)