Rwandan students in South Korea pay medical insurance for 255 people in Gatsibo

On 11 November 2017 at 11:19

As part of their contribution in the development of the country, about 150 Rwandan Students studying in South Korea fundraised a total of Rwf762,000 for paying medical insurance (Mutuelle de Sante) for 255 people in Gatsibo District.

The act is the first of its kind in their contribution into the development of the country but expressed their commitment to extend support to other sectors like skills transfer focusing on teaching ICT to Rwandan youth and teachers as well as contributing to Girinka programme.

Speaking at the event Friday in Gatsibo, the Acting Director of Rwandan Community Abroad in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Community, Jack Tutuba, thanked the students saying that the gesture shows that being part of the development of the country requires sacrifice and commitment.

“Some people think that contributing to the country’s development requires huge resources. This is a good proof which shows outcomes from committed people. People should learn from these students who had no more resources than fundraising the money from their upkeep,” he said.

Speaking at the event, former head of Rwandan community in South Korea, JamesNtaganda, said the community will keep extending their contribution into other sectors to support development of the country.

The Gatsibo District vice-mayor in charge of Social Affairs, Mary Kantengwa thanked students saying that lives of beneficiaries will be better after receiving health insurance.