Rwandans in Belgium to hold a walk welcoming President Kagame

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On 3 June 2017 saa 12:00
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Rwandans in Belgium are organizing a walk to welcome and show support for President Paul Kagame as he visits the country this month. Kagame is awaited in Belgium on 7th June to attend a meeting on European Union development.

Rwanda’s ambassador to Belgium, Olivier Nduhungirehe has told IGIHE that Kagame will deliver a speech at the meeting on development known in French as ‘Journée Européenne du développement’( European Development Day).

“President Kagame will be here in Brussels on 7th to 8thJune. He will be attending ameeting Journée Européenne du Développement. He will deliver a speech at the inauguration of the meeting,” he said.

Ambassador Nduhungirehe said that Rwandans in Belgium will take time to show their support to president Kagame.

“The leadership of DRB-Rugali called on Rwandans to come and welcome Kagame near the place where the meeting will take place at ‘Tour et Taxis’ to demonstrate how they are pleased with his services to Rwanda. It is expected that Rwandans will enjoy a cocktail thereafter,” he said.

Belgium is among countries which received Rwandan refugees before and after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

Rwandans in Belgium have formed an association Communauté Rwandaise de Belgique (CRB) helping them to maintain and advocate for Rwanda’s culture and development. The name of the association was later changed to Diaspora Rwandaise de Belgique-Rugali (DRB-Rugali).

The president of DRB-Rugali,Pulchérie Nyinawase who is among organizers of the walk to welcome president Kagame has said; “It has been long without having such an opportunity to show our president how we are glad and love him for championing our country’s progress. That is why we can’t forget to show our heartfelt appreciation.”

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Rwandans welcoming President Paul Kagame in Paris, France on 27th February 2015