Rwandans in USA commit to investing at home

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On 22 August 2016 saa 09:52
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Rwandan d from USA living in Indiana and Michigan states have expressed willingness to invest in various projects in Rwanda after receiving explanations of the opportunities available and chances to work with Rwanda’s banks.

Rwanda’s Diaspora is taken as the sixth province of the country and one of the country’s pillars of development through various programs in which the Diaspora participates. These are investments, trade, education and health among others.

The government of Rwanda encourages Rwandan Diaspora to get involved in various activities as a way of giving their contribution to the development of the nation.

On 17th August, 2016 Rwandan Diaspora from Indiana and Michigan states came together for discussions on ways of seeking accurate information on how to initiate investments in Rwanda.

Discussions were attended by Louis de Montfort Mujyambere, Business Development and Commercial Director at Cogebanque who was invited by the management of Midwest Diaspora.

Mujyambere explained Cogebanque involvement in supporting investors especially in short and long term loans and encouraged participants to invest and buy shares in Cogebanque.

Mujyambere reminded participants about the bank’s platform reserved for Diaspora to open accounts and transferring money in Cogebanque using technology among others.

The leader of Midwest Diaspora, Nxumalo Ruhaya commended Rwandans he represents for their commitment to building personal and national development.

He asked participants to inform colleagues to join investment activities to comply with the country’s drive for development.

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Louis de Montfort Mujyambere, Business Development and Commercial Director at Cogebanque