Rwandans satisfied with community health workers’ services-report

On 3 November 2017 at 04:09

The Rwanda Governance Board’s (RGB) Chief Executive Officer, Anastase Shyaka has said that Rwandans commend community health workers’ services locally known as ‘Abajyanama b’ubuzima’at 94%.

Shyaka was speaking to both chambers of parliament during the presentation of RGB’s 2016/2017 activities report and 2017/2018 performance contracts.

He said that in their research, people expressed much satisfaction to community health workers’ service among six home grown solution that they scrutinized.

“Though 6% still have some doubts about this service, majority (94%) commend it compared to how they perceive other services. This is a good rate that indicates how this initiative is important. We, leaders also know that it is really important,” he said.

Other home grown initiatives that RGB conducted the research about are health insurance, local mediators, Girinka Programme, Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme (VUP) and Social Categories locally known as Ubudehe

According to Shyaka, 90% of population commends Health Insurance (Mutuelle de Sante) services, but 10% are not satisfied with some services, a reason that Shyaka says they need some improvements.

He said that people commend services of local mediators at above 88%, but 11% still question these services.

He said that one or two people in four criticize bad services in VUP , Girinka Programme and Ubudehe. He said that 26% criticize Girinka, 33% VUP and 47% Ubudehe services.

“We should note that they don’t criticize these initiatives, but they criticize bad services inside them” Shyaka noted.

Shyaka (2nd right) presenting the report to parliament