Rwemalika appeals FERWAFA presidential election decision

On 6 January 2018 at 08:59

Rwandese Association Football Federation (FERWAFA) presidential aspirant Félicité Rwemalika has appealed the decision of the Electoral Committee to re-organise other elections.

In the elections last month, the candidate Rwemalika run alone as incumbent Vincent de Gaulle Nzamwita had pulled out at the last minute of the elections.

After the withdrawal of Nzamwita, Rwemalika failed to secure majority votes.

Rwemalika got 13 out of 52 votes while FERWAFA election code requires a minimum of 27 votes to win. Election results revealed 39 votes were invalid.

The Electoral Committee’s president Adolphe Kalisa announced that Rwemalika did not secure enough votes and according to Article 28 of Electoral Code, the Executive Committee will continue to work until the next FERWAFA Elective General Assembly is held.

After talking to her lawyers, Rwemalika said that invalid votes would not have been considered, according to article 24 of electoral code.

She says they had to consider 13 valid votes and announce her as FERWAFA presidency winner.

Speaking to IGIHE on Saturday, Rwemalika said that she did not want to appeal the decision immediately because she wanted to consult with her lawyers.

She has submitted her appeal to the International Governing Body of Football (FIFA) and the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

“We have seen that the decision was taken contrary to the law but we hadn’t to appeal immediately as we had some days to prepare our appeal dossier. We are optimistic that we will be given justice,” she said.

She said that she is not ready to give up until she sees changes in the association.

The elections took place in the presence of FIFA observer, Constant Omari Selemani who is also the Democratic Republic of Congo’s football administrator and a member of the FIFA Council

Laws state that the Appeal Committee would sit within three days and decide on the appeal.

Félicité Rwemalika