School Boy Burried 4 Times

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On 24 December 2012 saa 05:07
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In a strange but true story, a 15 years old school boy was buried four times in Eastern province after he was gruesomely murdered.

Bizimana Bonaventule was a student at Tabagwe Primary school located in Tabagwe sector of Nyagatare district.

Bizimana was found consuming alcohol during school hours and school authorities ordered him to leave the school and to return with his parents to school.

However, Bizimana decided not to go home but branched off to stay at his grandmother’s home.

On his way to his grandmothers place, Bizimana encountered a group of Ugandan smugglers carrying illegal gin (kanyanga) on their bicycles.

It’s alleged that Bizimana helped the Ugandans ride their bicycle carrying Kanyanga to evade arrest.

However, a Local Defense on patrol had noticed that the bicycle Bizimana had rode was that of the Ugandan smugglers.

The smugglers had already evaded arrest and had paid Bizimana with some Kanyanga to drink.

Bizimana was later detained at Tabagwe sector.

When he was later released, Bizimana feared to go to his grandmothers place and decided to proceed elsewhere.

Search for Job

Bizimana on failing to return to his parents home and also not to his grandmothers home, he thought of looking for a job.

He was lucky to find a job in Rwimiyaga sector at a farm belonging to a man identified as Cyatuka Eugene also known as Gakoba.

Bizimana was tasked to herd goats and calves at the farm. While on his job for sometime, his herd swayed into a nearby farm and illegally grazed.

Bizimana could not find the livestock and reported back to his boss.

His boss whipped him mercilessly killing him instantly.


After his beating to death, Bizimana’s boss ordered another worker at the farm to burry his lifeless body in one of the many porcupine ditches at the farm.

Indeed Bizimana’s body was buried and the boss ordered the worker never to disclose anything about the matter.

However, during the burial, a nearby person had observed the strange activities on the farm. But also the Farm boss had noticed that someone had been observing the burial act.

The farm owner decided to seduce this person not to say anything and offered him 12 goats and cash worth Frw100,000.

With this big offer, this herdsman also decided to find buyers to take the 12 goats. The buyers purchased the goats and in the process were skeptical of the origin of the goats.

The buyers quizzed the herdsman about the origin of the goats who later yielded to pressure and explained the whole story behind his goats.

It was later that the goat buyers alerted the police. When police arrived at the ditch where Bizimana’s body was buried, they found the body missing.

The farm owner had already removed the body on noticing earlier that information had leaked to the authorities.

Police later found the place where Bizimana’s body had been reburied. Police ordered the body be exhumed and Rwimiyaga sector authorities took the body and reburied at another location.

Bizimana’s Parents didn’t know about their son’s death

A local radio in Nyagatare aired a death announcement of Bizimana which prompted the deceased’s parents to launch a search for their son.

Bizimana’s parents demanded that the body of their son be exhumed and handed over to them to be given a final decent burial at their home.

The body was later exhumed and taken to Bizimana’s parents home where he was buried.

The funeral was attended by his former classmates and school teachers who noted that Bizimana was a well mannered child.

The school authorities also said that sending Bizimana home to bring his parents was just meant to involve his parents and the school in jointly counseling their child.

Suspects in Bizimana Murder case set free

In a court case involving the murder of Bizimana, suspects including Bizimana’s boss Cyatuka Eugene and another man only identified as Nkotanyi have been set free.

Their release comes after a court battle from Nyagatare court of first instance, to Nyagatare intermediate court and finally at Rwamagana high court which ruled that there was no evidence that the suspects murdered Bizimana and thus were set free on December 5, 2012.