School milk misappropriation addressed

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On 26 August 2016 saa 09:06
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Teachers that have been involved in misappropriating milk meant for pupils in infant sections of primary schools have been strongly warned to avoid the malpractice with stringent measures put in place to bring culprits to book. Dr Christine Kanyandekwe, the Deputy DG in Rwanda Agriculture Board, Animal Resources, sounded the warning this week during a press conference where she was giving status of the one-cup of milk-per-child program.

“Some teachers from 112 schools where the program of providing milk for every child is running stole milk meant for children but we reported the matter to authorities and punished the culprits teachers,” she said.

“Some of the milk would be sold. Today milk meant for children is packaged with a mark ‘School Feeding’ so it can be identified easily if found in ordinary shops,” she said.

Dr Kanyandekwe explained that RAB has signed agreements with districts in which the program is being implemented to follow up on the feeding program.

The milk drinking program was initiated in 2010 after a 2009 study established that children are faced with malnutrition in some districts.

It however so turned that some teachers were identified to have got involved in selling the milk.

The program operates in 14 districts, 112 schools, benefiting 85,000 children in kindergarten up to primary three.

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Dr Christine Kanyandekwe, the Deputy DG in Rwanda Agriculture Board, Animal Resources