Sector office relocation out of sheer selfishness—Residents

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 19 September 2016 saa 07:08
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Residents of Kanjongo sector in Nyamasheke district have criticized local leaders’ decision of relocating sector offices from Kigarama cell to Kibogora, where former Kirambo district was based a location claimed to be far distant compared to the former which was in a central location of the five cells, making it easily accessible for services.

Residents explain that it will now take them four hours to the new sector offices.

“Officials are in the process of relocating the sector offices to Kivu shores. Some people used to travel three hours seeking for services at the sector but the time will be extended to more than one and half hours to reach new headquarters. The former sector office was built in the middle of five cells which made it easily accessible to all,” said one resident, Muyoboke Jeramu.

Other residents say the relocation may have been influenced by the fact many sector officials live in Kibogora cell, disregarding other residents’ concerns.

“Sector officials have started relocating some activities to Kibogora. Some meetings are no longer held here; all is done because sector officials live in Kibogora which is far from a great number of residents,” said a resident on condition of anonymity.

The mayor of Nyamasheke district, Kamali Aimé Fabien has confirmed to IGIHE that sector offices of Kanjongo sector are set to be relocated in a favorable environment.

“Kanjongo sector offices have not yet relocated but we are preparing to relocate it to a beautiful place facilitating good performance of the sector and the district,” he said.

“The new sector offices will not be far. Besides, we don’t require residents to go to see leaders but leaders to approach citizens. There is neither a problem nor any obstacle preventing service delivery to a resident who cannot reach offices,” he added.

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Kanjongo sector offices