Security and hygiene campaign rolled out with ‘special Umuganda’

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On 14 August 2016 saa 02:46
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The Rwanda National Police (RNP) and the City of Kigali (CoK) security and hygiene campaign got off to a good start on Saturday in ‘special Umuganda’ as Kigali residents joined security organs and local leaders to clear shrubs and clean streets.

The official community work was held in Rusororo Sector where thousands of residents of Kabuga 1 Cell, CoK authorities, RNP and Rwanda Defense Forces cleared bushes in Amahoro Village as means to clear breeding grounds for mosquitoes and hide out for drug abusers.

The community work was attended by the mayor of the City of Kigali, Monique Mukaruliza, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Emmanuel K. Gasana and division commander, Maj Gen. Mubarak Muganga, among others.

Mayor Mukaruliza, while addressing residents of Rusororo, shortly after Umuganda, called upon city residents to depict the slogan of “peace, crime prevention, be an eye for your neighbor and share timely information on any illegal act.”

She commended the role of security organs – RNP and RDF – in community development activities and challenged the residents to own and actively take part in all activities underlined under Imihigo on security and hygiene.

The performance contract – Imihigo – signed between RNP, CoK and the districts of Gasabo, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge, earlier this week, seeks to strengthen partnership in various fields of promoting security, sanitation and hygiene at all levels and in households.

The six-month campaign binds all parties to partner in building stronger and functioning community policing committees, community night patrols, fight drug abuse, domestic violence, sell of alcoholic drinks to minors, fire outbreak, public order management and promoting road safety.

It will include making inventory and effective joint response to all sites in cells where drugs are sold, where the drugs come from and individual and groups involved in this criminal business.
Campaigns will also be conducted in communities, schools, business centres while ant-drug clubs in cells, schools and youth associations will be created.

As means to ensure public order, strategies will be laid to sensitise prostitutes, beggars and street children and organize them in lawful businesses for easy support, sensitize and relocate street vendors to authorized markets, professionalise night patrols and identify and reunite conflict-ridden families.

Public awareness on sanitation, hygiene and environmental standards through the media, trainings, special Umuganda where messages will be delivered, advising on waste management, individual hygiene are among other activities entailed in Imihigo.

“Achieving the desired results in this campaign will depend on the role of each and everyone; Imihigo was signed by your leaders on your behalf. Don’t litter waste products, build the culture hygiene and security,” Mayor Mukaruliza said.

IGP Gasana said that President Paul Kagame has set the standard of “having a vision” and we can’t realize that vision without sanitation and hygiene.”

“Drug abuse, theft, assault, gender based violence and other unlawful acts are not in the tradition on Rwanda. In development, no sector should lag behind and when security fails to keep pace, all other sectors will be affected,” IGP Gasana said.

He noted that RNP is committed to this campaign and challenged the residents to strengthen partnership through community policing to detect, fight and prevent crimes through timely information sharing.