Senator queries imprisoning victims of abortion circumstances, juveniles

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On 26 January 2017 saa 07:52
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Senator Ntawukuriryayo has requested law enforcement officers to revise abortion law as indiscriminate jailing of all girls and women suspected of committing the offense visits double punishments because some of them may have been raped or defiled.

The call has been made today as the state minister of state for constitutional reform and legal affairs in the Ministry of Justice, Evode Uwizeyimana presented to the Rwanda’s Senate Commission in charge of Social Welfare and Human Rights, policies of pursuing and penalizing offenders.

“Sometimes a child gets pregnant after defilement. When she aborts, she gets imprisoned other than rehabilitating her. So, this becomes double oppression. There should be discussions to offer justice to children jailed under such circumstances,” said senator Ntawukuriryayo.

Minister Uwizeyimana said the issue has been given much attention and is reflected in the recent presidential pardon to children. She explained that more efforts will be directed towards rehabilitation. President Paul Kagame recently pardoned 62 juveniles and women jailed for abortion. The latter included children under 16.

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Senator Ntawukuriryayo