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Senators pin government institutions on laxity
Published on 3-08-2016 - at 09:33' by Théophile Niyitegeka

Rwanda has made reforms from 2008 to 2013 of merging government institutions as a way of improving service delivery and decentralization. Such mergers are said to have brought fruits but an audit by senators found a gap in the performance of these institutions.

Made reforms helped the government avoid duplicity of services and boost productivity of institutions, making proper budget planning and service decentralization. The senatorial commission of political affairs and good governance gauged the performance of these institutions and realized that most of them have ghost administrative boards making poor decisions leading to the loss of public resources.

Audited institutions include Rwanda Development (RDB (Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), Rwanda Education Board (REB), Rwanda Social Security Board(RSSB), Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA), Rwanda Biomedical Center(RBC), Rwanda Agricultural Exports Board(NAEB) and the University of Rwanda(UR).

The chairperson of the senatorial commission of political affairs and good governance, Jean Nepomuscène Sindikubwabo says that they have found some of these institutions suffering lack of administrative boards able to implement policies.

“Such institutions have made progress in their performance but the structure of their administration need improvements,” he said.

This assessment carried from February 2016 realized that some workers from administrative board in government institutions are busy on private activities or are non-existent.

Such practices are said to lead into poor decisions that render government resources to waste.

For instance RBC unveiled that its administrative board neither has a leader nor meets face to face. This was revealed last year as RBC responded to the call of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) explaining about the 2013/2014 general auditor’s report queries.

This prompted RBC management to take decisions which led it into losses realized in placing orders of excessive and unneeded drugs, importing sub-standard drugs leaving much waste in the trail.

Senators requested governments to be vigilant and ensure effectiveness of administrative boards’ performance.

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The chairperson of the senatorial commission of political affairs and good governance, Jean Nepomuscène Sindikubwabo



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