Senior politicians’ retirement benefits reduced

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On 8 February 2017 saa 12:18
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The government of Rwanda has reduced emoluments and other fringe benefits offered to retired senior occupiers of political offices from the second to fourth category with cash benefits contracted from 12 to 6 months as per the organic law N°01/2017/OL of 31/01/2017 published in the Official Gazette N° 06of 06/02/2017.

High government politicians are classified into four categories; the president of the Republic, the second with the president of Senate, president of parliament and Prime Minister. The third category includes ministers, vice presidents of senate, vice presidents of parliamentary commissions of deputies and State Ministers.

This category also incorporates other government officials who may be appointed by the president if necessary, province governors and the mayor of Kigali city. The fourth category comprises of senators and parliamentarians.

Under the new law, a politician retiring without committing crimes leading to conviction in court continues to receive monthly remunerations for six months, a house rent, pocket money to be spent on domestic staff, footing water and electricity bills, security services and money for maintaining his private car.

This law also indicates that the six months remunerations and facilities are suspended when a politician is appointed to other duties by the government or finds a job in the private sector.

In case of high profile officials dismissed for malpractices leading him to court, the salary and other benefits will be recorded at the bank and the individual will receive them or not depending on whether he/she becomes innocent or guilty.

Explaining the law to Senate , the Minister of Public Service and Labor, Uwizeye Judith explained that the reforms brought by the law aim at ensuring good management of public resources.

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The Minister of Public Service and Labor, Uwizeye Judith