Sex-for-favours corruption persists

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 21 January 2017 saa 04:55
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The Senatorial Commission for Human rights and social welfare has met staff from the Office of the Ombudsman and held discussions meant to assess the 2015-2016 report where it has been established that sex-related corruption remains a challenge to the department in charge of fighting corruption.

Senator Narcisse Musabeyezu has asked the Ombudsman to table plans in eradicating sex-related corruption and ensure equal access to employment. “When you talk to citizens, they testify that sex-related bribery exists among public and private entities especially during recruitment. This form of bribery sometimes results in the recruitment of incapable employees fostering poor performance,” he said.

The Ombudsman, Aloysia Cyanzayire has told senators they face challenges in following up sex-related corruption cases because none of the parties involved reports the other.

“It is difficult to find evidences for sex-related bribery because individuals involved keep it a secret between themselves. Besides, person who was asked for sex to get a favour would never want to be exposed,”she said.

“ We wanted to follow up some cases after receiving information from sources having knowledge of sex related bribery but failed because the would-be victims deny it,” she added.

The ombudsman office established an independent desk in charge of following up - cases of sex-related bribery but no one has filed a complaint.

Cyanzayire explained that some people accept top provide information on condition that it won’t be taken to court.

The sex related bribery cases are also realized in schools but theses never reach ombudsman’s office.

Cyanzayire said that the only alternative is conducting mobilizations among citizens on preventing corruption and requested senators to propose possible solutions.

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The Ombudsman, Aloysia Cyanzayire