Sitting in Kigali, you can get your cargo to and from all over the world

On 4 January 2018 at 05:53

Samuel Nzamurambaho is now in Kigali but his faulty radio transmitter has got into Italy and he will soon receive a replacement without moving an inch away. He has just visited Brussels Airlines offices in Kigali and placed the task under the Belgian giant carrier’s cargo representative, East African Cargo (EAC).

“It is now one year since we started working with EAC for sending equipments overseas and ordering some from there without us flying there. And now (Wednesday), I have sent a faulty transmitter to Italy for a replacement. I do not need to do any follow up on the movement of my cargo. EAC will deliver it to the wholesaler and bring me a replacement to my workplace as always,” said Nzamurambaho, the Country Manager of ERTEC Rwanda Ltd.

Nzamurambaho told IGIHE he is saving time and over 50% of costs that ERTEC previously used to spend on staff flight, freight and all travel facilitation since the company started in 2010.

Reliable cargo services globally

With over 90 premium European and African destinations and more to New York JFK, Washington D.C. and Toronto in Canada, and in partnership with its international partners, Brussels Airlines provides freight services to and from every corner of the world.

Bruce Rukundo, Operations and Sales Officer at East African Cargo, says the company is a partner of giant air freight forwarder, Brucargo Air Freight, which is based in Belgium but operates globally.

“We often carry cargo above 50 kgs to five tonnes but we can still carry a smaller quantity even to one kilogramme and bigger up to 15 tonnes. We often send cargo to US, Belgium, England, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, etc. With Brussels Airlines, the delivery is ensured as an experienced carrier with a lot of destinations of operation around the world and in collaboration with other airline companies,” he said.
Being a member of Lufthansa Group and Star Alliance, Brussels Airlines has partnership with other giant carriers including American Airlines and Swiss International Airlines to reach out to all corners of the world.

Brussels Airlines loading cargo that it delivers to all corners of the world

Rukundo said that they have reduced cargo prices by at least 20% depending on their types and the fee is charged depending on cargo weight, volume and type of products.

“We have extensive knowledge of this business, we advise clients on certification depending on types of products. There are some products like telephones, cars, biological samples, pyrethrum... that might contain products that are considered as dangerous goods such as batteries or other chemicals that must meet some regulations and wrapped in particular ways,” says Rukundo.

“Some clients come to us saying that they used a certain company to send cargo but the cargo was returned or blocked because they did not know about the regulations to ship those specific products.”

“We have a refrigerated vehicle that also keeps the products at the required temperature from airport to final destinations like from Kigali to Goma in DRC. We deliver cargo to Brussels in Belgium within one day and a maximum of three days to other cities in Europe and JFK Airport in New York, USA. We also have a system that helps a client track the movement of their cargo.”

A client can decide to pay cargo fee right away as they send it or agrees with the receiver to pay the fee upon delivery.

Rukundo reassures clients of “our rapidity, clarity and safety for delivery of your cargo.”

With Brussels Airlines, the cargo is kept under the required temperature both on the plane and in a refrigerated truck
Inside the Brussels Airlines aircraft's space for cargo. The carrier is able to carry of 15 tonnes of cargo
Brussels Airlines and its cargo partners are highly equipped to deliver the best cargo services globally
Brucargo Air Freight 's employee load cargo on Brussels Airlines' aircraft
Bruce Rukundo, Operations and Sales Officer at East African Cargo which is a cargo representative of Brussels Airlines
Brussels Airlines and its cargo partners deliver cargo to all corners of the world thanks to the carrier's numerous destinations and partnership with other international airline companies
Brussels Airlines and its cargo partners have extensive experience in handling freight of all goods
Brussels Airlines partners with Brucargo Air Freight to offer the best cargo services in the world