Six signs he’s scared to ask you out

On 26 December 2017 at 07:51

Not every man could be as bold and confident as Will Smith in the movie Hitch. Some men could even be close to you and fail to tell you how much they’d want to be out of the friend zone and have a relationship with you. This could be caused by fear of being rejected and a host of other factors.

These are some signs that he could just be scared of taking that next step.

He beats around the bush

When he’s with you and just keeps saying all those stories that don’t really make sense and that bores you, it could be a sign that he’s just into you. When men are scared of asking a woman they admire out, they tend to say too many things and ignore the most important thing they have on their mind.

He loses composure when around you

A man could lose composure when around you if he likes you and is scared to tell you. He might lose his speech, begin to stutter and his general body language would just sell him off.

He’s nice in a weird way

Ever had a nice guy around who gets nice to a point where you find it too extreme? He’s all too nice to the point where you begin to feel uncomfortable. More often than not, that man is attracted to you but doesn’t know how to tell you.

He gives you too much attention

There’s something like too much attention, and a man who’s into a lady and scared of opening up is often guilty of this. He might call for long periods, he might be at your beck and call, he might know so much about you but he might not know how to reveal his desire towards you.

He’s always looking for an opportunity to be with you

A man who loves you would always look for the opportunity to be with you. He would never get bored of being with you and he’d always look for the slightest opportunity to be close enough to you. He just loves to be around you, but doesn’t know to open up.

He could even get jealous at times

A lot of men who are scared of letting their intentions known to a lady tend to get jealous when they see another do so. Such a man could get jealous when she’s in a relationship and even when another man comes close to her. He’d just want to be the only one she gives all the attention.

Do you have a man like this around you? He could just be in love with you and not know how to make his intentions known.