Some Catholic Churches did not read the apology for genocide participation

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On 22 November 2016 saa 05:43
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Despite the decision taken by the Catholic Church in Rwanda to apologize on behalf of its members for the role it played in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in a message meant to be read in all catholic churches across the country on Sunday, it has emerged that some parishes didn’t read the message. This has been confirmed by the president of Episcopal Conference and the bishop of Butare Diocese, Philippe Rukamba who has noted that the statement was not read in Kigali diocese.

The preamble of the statement instructs thus; “It will be read after celebrating the mass during the time reserved for announcements on 20th November 2016,” where the bishops note that; “Over the past years ,generations of people have been asking us to be fearless for the truth of our history and difficulties that market it.”

“I was told that Kigali Diocese churches didn’t read the message. Its bishop is not in Rwanda and the statement is likely to be read as he returns because the diocese is led by the bishop. I am the president of Episcopal conference but not the leader of Kigali diocese,” he said.

IGIHE has also learnt that some parishes of Byumba diocese have not read the message but its Bishop Nzakamwita Servilien explained that it was sent to all parishes.

“I am not aware of that. We sent the letter to all parishes. I read the message in the place where I joined Christians to celebrate the mass. Christians clapped; but I don’t know the reason of applauding since it is not usual after gospel preaching,” he said.

Bishop Nzakamwita said that he is going to follow up parishes said not to have read the message to establish the cause.

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The president of Episcopal Conference and the bishop of Butare Diocese, Philippe Rukamba
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The Bishop of Byumba diocese Nzakamwita Servilien