South Sudan Justice officials in Rwanda on study tour

On 3 November 2017 at 08:26

A delegation of five people from the South Sudan’s Law Reform Commission led by the Vice-Chief Justice is in the country for a seven-day visit to learn from Rwanda’s Justice System.

Speaking to the delegation yesterday, the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General, Johnston Busingye said that Rwanda’s justice system is independent and uses their independence to serve on one purpose.

He said that in Rwanda, they found it necessary to give free justice to poor people through giving them prosecutors and legal advice.

He said that good environment of Rwanda’s justice system comes from partnership between different all levels.

“In our independence, lawyers and judges serve on common purpose. We take one day a year and sit together to examine every institution’s progress and what they need. Though we are independent, there is no one person or institution providing justice, Justice is the combination of our activities the reason why we all need to explain what we do that result in justice. When one institution is not performing well justice cannot be delivered” he explained.

The Vice-Chief Justice in South Sudan, John Gatwech Lul said that Rwanda and other East African community (EAC) Countries share same history in fighting for colonial independence, a reason why they should advise one another.

“First of all, we consider Rwanda as a part of our country because all EAC countries had partnership during the struggle to colonial independence. That is a pact that we should not forget, so, when we are introducing laws, we should have common understanding” he said.

He said that they will continue to visit EAC countries like Kenya and Tanzania to observe how they could learn from them in terms of law reforming.

Busingye speaks to the South Sudan justice officials
Busingye chats with delegates after the meeting
The Rwanda LAw Reform Commission Chairperson, Aimable Havugimana
The Vice-Chief Justice in South Sudan, John Gatwech Lul