Speaker Mukabalisa tips youth on leadership, fighting drug abuse

On 12 February 2018 at 11:03

The Speaker of Parliament and President of Liberal Party (PL), Donatille Mukabalisa has said that no country can develop with irresponsible leadership at the helm and and youth using drugs.

Mukabalisa was speaking yesterday in Kigali while launching the training of party youth representatives aimed at teaching youths about job creation.

She said that no country could develop when they have bad leadership. She said that among causes of bad leadership include using drugs and called on youth to invest their efforts in fighting against them.

“No country can develop without having good leadership, without having good politicians. Those countries with endless conflicts and wars have bad leadership; politicians do not care about their populations,” she said.

She said that it is unbearable to see youth using drugs yet the country is expecting much from them in the future.

“Some people don’t take this problem seriously; we should stand against this problem so that we enable youth live healthy. You can’t be a politician or entrepreneur when you are not healthy, simply, when you use drugs,” she said.

“Drugs only weaken the competences of users. They are also top causes of crime including insurrection, murder, theft, accidents and committing suicide among others,” she added.

She said that during the training, they expect that youth will learn qualities of a good politician so that they will help their colleagues who did not attend.

The National Coordinator of youth in PL, Virginie Akimanizanye said that they will sensitize youth to avoid using drugs.

“Our responsibility is to teach youth about the effects of drugs so that they avoid using them; continuing to use them would be bogging national development efforts,” she said.

Mukabalisa speaks to PL youth yesterday
Training participants