Sri Lankan army lauds RDF performance

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On 11 August 2017 saa 11:39
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A delegation of 16 officers from the Sri Lankan army has applauded the activities of the Rwanda Defense Forces in rebuilding the country and uniting Rwandans and vowed to emulate the same lessons in their own country.

The delegation arrived in Kigali on August 9 and expects to leave on August 22 after ending their tour of different districts where the RDF has projects.

Today the officers visited Kigali Genocide Memorial located on the Gisozi hillside and the Ministry of Defense in Kimihurura where they were received by the Army Chief of Staff Brig.Gen Charles Karamba. They were briefed on the mandate of the RDF by Brig.Gen Chris Murari in charge of training.

Col. GMCKB Ekanayake the leader of the delegation said that RDF activities are showing a role played in the rebuilding the country which had been devastated by the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

“The Rwandan army is doing a good job contributing to rebuilding the country. It is good for us to learn from this country because we are a country also rebuilding and reconciling. We have hope that the lessons we learn from here will be useful to our country; it’s unique experience to us.”

Rwanda and Sri Lanka share cordial military relations because the two countries have almost a similar history.

“Rwanda and Sri Lanka share a past defined by conflicts and we can see that the country is fast in rebuilding itself. We, therefore, wish to learn from that because you are eradicating for that past fast.”

Brig.Gen Safari Ferdinand, head of planning in Mod noted that the two countries’ relations are good and apart from the delegation, there are other 20 Sri Lankan learning those lessons and engineering in Rwanda.

“They came to learn from our experience to train their own military, “he said.