Stalled district projects disappoint MPs

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On 26 April 2017 saa 02:11
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Members of Parliament have expressed dismay over the way budget allocated to districts is utilized with some having failed to even spend a half despite the fact that there are many projects meant to be executed but are stalled.

This was unveiled yesterday during the general assembly in which parliament received a report from Deputies’ Committee on National Budget and National Patrimony on visits held in various districts assessing the execution of the budget.

The assessment is conducted before setting the new budget to identify how the previous budget was utilized, whether the district has debts or other problems.

Constance Mukayuhi Rwaka, the chairperson of the parliamentary standing committee on Budget and National Patrimony revealed that there are gaps in spending practices and delays by partners to transfer pledged funds which arrests the progress of district projects.

“There has been poor utilization of funds budgeted for the financial year 2016 / 2017 which leaders attribute to late receipt of funds.

Honourable MP Constance Mukayuhi Rwaka reiterated that there is a new draft law expected to ease the way Rwandans pay taxes which will enable districts to find adequate budget.

The deputy speaker of lower parliament chamber, Mukama Abbas explained that some public institutions have not yet sent funds they owe to districts yet the annual budget remains with only two months to close.

“Why don’t such public institutions release the money which doesn’t belong to them? How do districts operate under such circumstances?” he wondered.

MP Muhongayire Christine unveiled that they realized a gap in the budget of development activities where only 34% was used and called for strategic measures in addressing the issue.

“You have presented that some launched projects get jeopardized in process. All such funds should be poured in the budget on time to fast-track execution of the projects,” she said.

“It should be better to complete existing projects other than launching others that will be jeopardized during execution,” she added.

MP Kalinijabo Barthélémy stressed the need to make a clean tax payers’ register in collaboration with Rwanda Revenue Authority to enable districts do proper budgeting based on real statistics other than expecting huge amounts they will not be able to collect.

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Constance Mukayuhi Rwaka, the chairperson of the parliamentary standing committee on Budget and National Patrimony