Stance against corruption unwavering-Ombudsman

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On 24 April 2017 saa 12:31
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The Chief Ombudsman Aloysia Cyanzayire has said that various reports on corruption including Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) and the global Corruption Perception Index show that Rwanda has taken commendable steps in improving services delivery using technology, revising and passing laws along with collaboration with citizens in fighting the vice.

In an interview with IGIHE, Cyanzayire has however unveiled that information on sex related corruption cases is still a challenge where the latter stood respectively at 19% in 2011, 17.4% in 2012, 14.3% in 2013, 25% in 2014, 18.1% in 2015 and 15.4% in 2016.

She has said that a lot needs to be done despite the government internationally recognized efforts in fighting against corruption.

“Providing information on corruption still faces some challenges though progress has been made and being addressed through mobilization and is promising as people get better understanding of the dangers of the vice. We have sensitized people on the importance of providing corruption related information, placed suggestion boxes at all district headquarters and hospitals, an email and passed a law protecting whistleblowers,"said Cyanzayire.

A whistleblower can send SMS to toll free line of 1990, send an email at [email protected]; or click GARAGAZA RUSWA through the website

He/she can also click Good Service Delivery System through website and follow instructions to reveal bribery information, call free line of 0788432516 if it is sex related corruption or visit the Ombudsman office in Kimihurura, Gasabo district ,Kigali city (KG 4AVE02).

Rwanda’s fight against corruption has gained international recognition with a stern stance against the vice, ranking as the 4th least corrupt country in Africa and 44th worldwide in 2015.

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The Chief Ombudsman Aloysia Cyanzayire