Stop playing name-games-Ibuka to UN

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 12 April 2017 saa 11:55
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The president of Ibuka in Rwanda, Prof Dusingizemungu Jean Pierre has requested the United Nations to stop playing name-games, changing the meaning of genocide against the Tutsi.

As Rwanda commemorates Tutsi killed in Nyanza, Kicukiro in 1994 11th April, what is summoned into memory is how the international community abandoned a people in need, with UN ‘peace keepers’ packing their bags leaving hunted Tutsi in the hands of death.

Prof Dusingizemungu has said that international community has however not yet learnt any lessons for it still refers the 1994 pogrom as Rwanda genocide instead of genocide against the Tutsi.

“It is shocking to see UN, claiming to oversee humanity, unchanged despite the lessons,” he said.

“UN is creating confusion among people through speeches of its leaders. They need to be clear and announce that genocide in Rwanda was perpetrated against the Tutsi,” he added.

He urged UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to remove the confusion to avoid misinterpretation of history.

Prof Dusingizemungu explained that some countries still support genocide trivialization and denial, pointing out a Belgian journalist, Peter Verlinden accused of undermining genocide who wanted to attend a public lecture on genocide history among schools held in parliamentary buildings in Wallonie-Bruxelles province of Belgium on 24th March 2017.

He explained that Ibuka denied the journalist working for VRT television attendance.

He appealed to speaker of parliament in Belgium and allowed to follow discussions but in a particular own room where he could not share ideas.

Prof Dusingizemungu said international community supported Interahamwe accusing France of being at forefront.

“France took a fore position in executing genocide,” he said.

Prof Dusingizemungu urged world historians to document the role played by France in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

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The president of Ibuka in Rwanda, Prof Dusingizemungu Jean Pierre.

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The Minister of Sports and Culture,Uwacu Julienneattending commemoration of victims of 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Kicukiro yesterday.