Story of a survivor who housed the killer of her entire family

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On 11 April 2017 saa 01:03
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Kangabe Adela is a resident of Rwamagana district who survived the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, forgave a perpetrator who killed his family, accommodated him at her residence and later helped him build his own house.

Aged 70, Kangabe was hit hard by the 1994 genocide against Tutsi. She sustained injuries after being stabbed at various parts of the body. He lost children, husband and extended family members during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

Kagabo Louis is is the perpetrator who was involved in Kangabe family killings and stabbed her too leaving her in critical condition thinking she is dead.

Kagabo was jailed and apologized to the survivor as they both explained to RBA.

“Kagabo killed my husband and children and stabbed me in the head, arms at all sides. He told me how he did it, stabbed me. In fact he took me through the process of stabbing me. Kagabo told me how he repeatedly stabbed me in the head with a machete after seeing me breathing again,” she said.

Kangabe was flown to USA for treatment where she recovered.

She later went to visit Kagabo Louis in Rwamagana Prison who accepted to have killed her child, husband, stabbed her and left thinking she is dead. Kagabo asked for forgiveness and received the apology from Kangabe.

Kangabe explained that she managed to forgive Kagabo though it was hard to understand Kagabo narrating the horror of tragic acts he did to her and family which made her burst into tears.

After his release, Kagabo was accommodated by Kangabe at her house and assisted him to found his household.

Kagabo’s cruelty would bring fears among residents thinking he would, one day, kill the host but praying comforted Kangabe.

“My heart is released. I visit, greet him and feel comfortable. I do carry his child on my back; treat him with kindness like my nephew. My heart is relieved of horrors,” said Kangabe.

Kagabo says asking for forgiveness gave him inner peace and free. He no longer feels the yoke and burden of guilt on his shoulders.

Kangabe is now a social pact protector in Rwamagana district with testimonies proving that unity and reconciliation is possible.

She requests genocide survivors to love all people and pray to free their hearts.

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Kangabe Adela
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Kagabo Louis.Photo Makuru Ki