Strengthened partnership paying off in Gakenke

Published by Police
On 3 October 2016 saa 01:25
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The District Police Commander (DPC) of Gakenke, Superintendent of Police (SP) Gaston Karagire has urged residents to enhance their cooperation in fighting Gender Based Violence (GBV) noting that the existing efforts are already signalling progress.

He made the remarks on October 1 while addressing over 2000 residents of Kamubuga Sector after the special Umuganda.

“A lot has been achieved in fighting GBV and this is through your continued cooperation with all concerned institutions including security organs. However, if we enhance on information sharing, there is no doubt we would wipe out these human rights violations in our societies,” said SP Karangire.

He went on to add that domestic violence in particular has gross effects that go beyond the conflicting parties and affects other members of the family and noted that crimes like rape, battery, child neglect come as a repercussion.

“Anything that results in physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to either women or man is prohibited and should be fought against by everyone in society. Such acts are a challenge to human security, public health, and a barrier to social and economic participation as well as undermining not only the safety but dignity of individuals,” he said.

He dwelt most on the crimes committed against women, girls and children since they are the most vulnerable groups affected.

“It is vital to promote the rights of all Rwandans and overcome GBV and mitigate its harmful effects on individuals and communities…. Always attend community meetings and help to increase awareness against GBV through reporting it whenever you encounter it,” said the DPC.

Among the existing mechanisms to end GBV is the Isange One Stop Center which was launched in 2009 and has since extended its services to 28 district hospitals across the country.

It offers free medical, psycho-socio and legal services to victims of GBV and child abuse and has facilitated the public with easy means of communication with a toll-free line – 3029 – which has been essential in getting information from the affected for immediate response.

RNP also has toll free lines for GBV reporting 3512; 116 for child abuse and 112 for emergency, to report the vice for quick response.