Strong partnership can wipe out illicit drugs, Gisagara students told

Published by Police
On 5 September 2016 saa 01:03
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Students of GS Mugombwa in Gisagara District have been reminded that, in order to reduce crime rates, there is need for collective efforts in fighting and preventing trafficking, making and abuse of illicit drugs, which fuels most other common crimes in societies.

The call was made recently by Gisagara District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO), Inspector of Police (IP) Marie Chantal Uwambaje while addressing 970 students and their teachers at the school premises.

The event was part of the ongoing Rwanda National Police (RNP) countrywide crime prevention awareness campaigns.

IP Uwambaje explained to the students that drug consumption is not only illegal but also the major cause of many crimes committed including fueling conflicts in families.

The DCLO went on to tell students that some of their generation have been cited in such drug related crimes, and urged them to strive to make their school and communities free from drugs by reporting anyone that could be involved.

“Societies globally are facing serious consequences of drug abuse. It destroys the young generations and ultimately undermines the socio-economic and sustainable development; we don’t want that situation in Rwanda and you role in this case is significant,” IP Uwambaje said.

Rwanda’s approach towards tackling the menace of drugs, IP Uwambaje said, is well enshrined in the laws, community empowerment through community policing, education and awareness among others.

Aimable Harelimana, the head teacher of GS Mugombwa thanked RNP for the message delivered to students and said that the school administrations will carry on the anti-crime campaign among students and make it part and parcel of their curriculum.