Students Cautioned Against Drug Abuse

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On 15 January 2013 saa 01:38
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Students in secondary schools have been cautioned against using drugs (marijuana) and uphold discipline and Rwandan values.

The warning was made by Vice-mayor of Burera District Zaraduhaye Joseph said, “Youth use drugs to be fearless and commit crimes.

He said youth especially in secondary schools are among those who most of the times use drugs such as marijuana, gin and others to be able to do things they fear.

The vice mayor urged students to discipline to the knowledge so as to prepare a brighter future.

Indiscipline cases in institutions are on the rise due to excessive use of drugs among the youth, especially in secondary schools and universities.

The collaboration between teachers and parents could help bring down the prevalence of drug abuse among the Youth.

Regular follow-ups on students from teachers can help parents to even know much better the state of their children.

According to police findings drug abuse is the leading cause of different crimes including; theft, assault rape etc… and also to unplanned pregnancies for school girls leading to abortions and droping out of school.