Students raise voices as 180 laptops stored for two years, denied access

Published by IGIHE
On 17 March 2017 saa 01:58
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Students at Groupe Scolaire Nyakabwende in Nyakabuye sector of Rusizi district have expressed disappointment over their school managers that have kept 180 laptops given to the school under “One laptop per child” program in store for two years and students have never used any of them.

Students are demanding for school management to access them so they are not left behind in technology.

“We do have electricity. We have the laptops but they are under lock in stores. They asked us to wait claiming the laptops were locked with codes. It has taken two years. I am unable to use a laptop because I don’t have any knowledge. I only see them in shops,” said one student.

“Primary schools are using laptops but we don’t despite having them stored in the store for two years. We stay idle in class in the hour of studying computer,” said another student.

Habimana Ezekiel responsible for ICT at Groupe Scolaire Nyakabwende said the laptops have been stored for two years but are waiting for Rwanda Education Board (REB) to repair them.

“We received these laptops in 2015. They worked for a period below one school term and stopped because it required installing new software. On the other side we had a problem of server which REB gave us in 2016. However, we are waiting for training and memory cards on which to save courses,” he said.

Rusizi vice mayor for social affairs,Uwamariya Marie Claire said they were not aware of the matter.

“We have not been informed of the problem. Having a laptop locked with code is not a serious matter because it can be unlocked by humans. Such would be negligence of duties. We are going to make follow up to address the challenge,” she said.