Suspected poisonous brew gets 18 people diarrheic

Published by Théophile Niyitegeka
On 17 June 2016 saa 11:50
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18 residents of Kamisave cell, Remera sector, Musanze district of Northern Province have this morning been taken to hospital after drinking a sorghum brew which resulted in diarrhea and belly pain.

IGIHE has learnt that those affected came to console a one Ziribugire Claude for losing a relative.

Vedaste Nsabimana, the executive secretary of Remera sector has confirmed to IGIHE that people who drank poisonous sorghum brew are getting medical attention.
“15 of 21 who drank the brew have been this morning taken at Rwaza health center. Three others from the other cell where the brew was consumed fell sick and taken to the health center,” he said.

He said they have called on whoever may have drunk the brew to seek medical test.
He however said that they can’t suspect the brew was poisoned since it was brought by a brother-in-law of Ziribugire, being in good relations who came to console him for the death of his relative.

“Ziribugire has no misunderstandings with his brother-in-law but it is suspected that the sorghum brew was poorly prepared,” he said.