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Tanzania-Cuba Friendship Society celebrates Castro’s birthday
Published on 17-08-2016 - at 02:32' by Daily News

Tanzania-Cuban Friendship Society joined millions of Cuban friends and well-wishers throughout the world to celebrate the 90th birthday of Commandant Fidel Castro on August 12, 2016.

The society chairperson, Mr Salim Msoma, through a statement issued in Dar es Salaam yesterday said, “This is the celebration of 90 years of Castro’s life with his reputation and stature as a dedicated champion of human liberation and development, a tireless fighter for human dignity, justice and social progress.”

He said Tanzanians cherish the bonds of fraternity with their Cuban counterparts and are forever grateful for the assistance by the revolutionary Cuban government in the sectors of education, health and agriculture, among others.

Cuban experts and technical personnel have unreservedly worked in Tanzania in the noble endeavour to conquer underdevelopment.

“Their commitment generated admiration and profound respect from our people ... Tanzanians are cognizant of the fact that Cuba is under a severe economic embargo of the US which has immensely damaged her economy,” Mr Msoma said in the statement.

In a sentimental expression of their passion for Castro, the society said, “Tanzanian-Cuba Friendship Society wishes to hug Comrade Fidel on his auspicious birthday and wishes him continued good health; ‘venceremos’!” Castro ruled over Cuba for nearly five decades until he handed over power to his younger brother Raúl in 2008.

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Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro



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