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Tanzania:Farmer arrested over incest, escaped lynching by villagers
Published on 7-08-2016 - at 03:26' by Daily News

An old man identified as Loserian Laptak Peter Mollel, aged 52, a peasant and resident of Shambarai in Arumeru District, is being held by the police after being rescued from angry villagers, who wanted to lynch for incest.

Mzee Loserian Mollel was discovered by fellow villagers to be sleeping with his biological daughter, an 18-yearold girl (name withheld) and according to the report from the Mbuguni Ward, the old man had been committing the crime for many days. However, last Friday evening he was caught red-handed.

Villagers in Shambarai dragged him out and started beating up. Fortunately, the police managed to arrive in time and saved Mzee Mollel from the irate mob. The Acting Regional Police Commander (RPC) for Arusha, Mr Yusuf Ilembo, said the suspect was being held at the Mbuguni Police Station.

The Police report did not reveal whether Mollel was living with his wife or not. In a different incident, a little girl, Erica Joseph, aged 18 months, was beaten up badly before being torched allegedly by both her parents. The girl suffered serious injuries and was being admitted to Mount Meru Hospital.

The incident, according to the Police Commander Ilembo, occurred at Field Force (FFU) area in Muriet Ward, near Kwa-Mrombo area. It was reported last Friday evening by the neighbours. The police arrested both the mother and the father for child cruelty.

The two suspects have been named as Mr Joseph Yaroot (48) and his wife Ms Lucia Daudi (21). The initial report originated from the FFU area Chairman, Mr Anecklet Edward, who after getting complaints from neighbours reported it to the police.

As it happens, Lucia is said to be step-mother to the child. According to reports, it was she who started first beating the child, setting her on fire. The reason behind the hideous act remained a mystery and the police are reportedly still investigating the matter.



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